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Red Wines

Bonarda Barricata ( Oak Aged) 2007


This is Piccinini’s flagship wine. The Bonarda [not to be confused with the rare Bonarda Piemontese which is an entirely different vine] is vinified normally, but is aged in oak barriques for up to 16 months, depending on the vintage. This beautifully crafted wine is only made in superior years from selected grapes. The previous released vintage, 2004, was very well received, retaining terrific weight and class during its time in bottle.

An intense ruby-red colour with refined aromas of red currants, chocolate, leather and toasted hazelnuts, with a gentle perfumed intensity. The palate shows superior ripe tannins persistently. Beautifully textured with a velvet feel. Ripe and juicy, it is well-balanced, combining tannic acidity, rounded alcohol and oak touches.

To fully appreciate its elegance, the bottle needs to be opened two hours before consuming. Decanting is recommended for oxygenation.

It can be served with all red meats, especially roasts, game and bird dishes; good with all cuts of steaks – sirloin, ribeye etc. As a treat try with white truffle dishes, and even strong cheese. Excellent as a “wine for meditation”.

To be served at 16 – 18° C



This wine has a dark red colour with particular violet reflexes. The initial aroma is of plums and cherries. It is slightly tannic when young, but palatable with the taste of ripe gooseberries and blackberries. Definitely a “food wine”.

This wine derives from the “Croatina” variety, known originally as Bonarda di Rovescala, and still called Bonarda under AOC rules.

It is best served with red meats, rice and cheeses.

To be served at 14 – 16° C

Sangue di Giuda


This is an Oltrepò speciality, and is unique to the region. The name translates to Blood of Judas, a title steeped in local legend.

Our Sangue di Giuda is produced from “Croatina” grapes. It is a naturally sweet red wine with a gentle natural sparkle and a low 7.5% alcoholic degree.

Full bodied and vinous with an intense black cherry perfume. The palate initially shows blueberry jam touches with light tannins, but a good acidity balances the sweetness creating a delicate, fresh and fruity taste best enjoyed while the wine is young.

It can be served with any kind of dessert, especially fruit tarts and almond pastries.

To be served 14°-16°C