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White & Sparkling Wines

Pinot Nero


A white wine from the internationally famed red Pinot grape.

Vinified white by running the juice away from the red skins, this has a slight petillance. It is a dry wine, straw-coloured, with light clear sparkling reflexes. It is bright, delicate and fresh with a fruity, intense perfume which recalls the peach, the sour black cherry and the raspberry.

It serves well with delicate hors d’oeuvres, or roasted and fried fish. It is also an excellent basis for cocktails and aperitifs.

To be served at 10° C.



The eye-catching bottle colour is not just a gimmick. The wine inside is as fresh as the shade of blue.

It is a wine which presents all the characteristics of the cultivated variety, Riesling Renano [Rheinriesling], a straw-coloured tonality which tends to slightly green; it is clear and star-bright. Gentle ripe apple aroma with a steely core, it leaves a delicate and persistent fruity perfume. The palate is fresh, clean and vibrant, with the quince taste prevailing.

It serves well with all kinds of fish, excellent with fresh salmon or a fresh crab dish, compliments well rich sea food, risottos served either hot or cold, both spring and summer salads, starters, white meats, cold meats, delicate and light cheeses, mixed grills…in fact, all types of light dishes!

Watch out for our new unique labels, the first of which will grace our Riesling.

To be served at 6-8°

Pinot nero vinificato rosa (Rosé)


Our prize winning wine, it is clear, still and dry, with a particular light pink tenuous tonality.

The characteristics of this rosé derive from its intense, persistent and fragrant perfume which recalls the sour black cherry and the currant. The fresh, delicate taste, which is has vibrant acidity, is very palatable.

It can be paired with all starters; excellent with aperitifs, fish especially steamed dishes, vegetable dishes, caprese (Mozzarella & tomato), various cold dishes, salads – such as potato & salmon in spring/summer, and even rare or medium roast beef dishes. Good base for cocktails and an excellent summer aperitif wine.

To be served at 6°

Moscato sweet


Italian Moscato is renowned nationally, but deserves to be more lauded on the world stage. Being only 5.5% alcohol makes this wine perfect as an alternative aperitif, especially when there are stronger wines to follow during your meal.

Yet it is also the classical sweet wine for dessert. It preserves the unmistakable aromatic perfume of the muscat grapes from which it is produced. It has a typical intense straw colour. The perfume and “perlage” are persistent; it has a sweet harmonious taste which recalls the peach. The critical thing, though, is good acidity which balances the sweetness and makes the last sip as good as the first.

It serves well with sweet cakes, biscuits, cookies, baked apple or tarts, strawberries with ice cream and fruit salads etc… or try it as a chilled aperitif!!

To be served at 8° – 10°

Pinot Spumante


We are very proud of our bubbly! It is a sparkling wine deriving from a particular cuvée of Pinot Nero 85% and Chardonnay 15% from grapes grown within a limited area of our village, Mornico Losana. The wine is vinified using the Charmat method in an autoclave, maturing for eight months before bottling.

The perfume is of a ripe crisp apple, while the taste is of a crust of bread, which is typical because of the fermentation by the yeast. The aftertaste is long – dry yet wholesome.

It is an excellent aperitif but also superb with fish, white meats and delicate dishes.

To be served at 6 – 8 ° C