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Harvesting – Pressing – Bottling

The Piccinini Winery is situated adjacent to the Vineyard and houses all the equipment required to produce wines of the highest quality, and for this reason the entire process remains personally overseen by Matteo Piccinini to ensure the expertise and knowledge passed from father to son still continues to this day.

All traditional processes that concern the Vine are still carried out manually, such as pruning, tying-in & harvesting (the tradition of tying the vine with willow branch is still in practise today).

All our grapes are processed through the winery within 4 hours of actual picking at the appropriate harvest time to ensure the qualities of the grapes are captured within our wines.

Complimentary technologies of the winery today provide cold controlled fermentation, automised pressing and cold sterile bottling to enhance our quest to deliver quality wines with every harvest.

To achieve the best possible biological equilibrium, the winery is maintained at 16° C throughout the year.